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The Building


The Enterprise Lumber & Silo redevelopment project is focused on the restoration and repurposing of a vacant masonry and heavy timber-framed building located at 211 Main Street, in the City of North Tonawanda, New York.

The City of North Tonawanda was once the largest port on the Great Lakes during the height of the Erie Canal. The building at 211 Main Street is the last standing lumber mill in North Tonawanda that has retained its original character. This building provides recognition of a property type not currently represented in the City’s collection of buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. The restoration of 211 Main Street will foster pride in our community history, and the preservation of this building will raise awareness of North Tonawanda’s collection of distinct historic properties.

The Possibilities
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With a sound development strategy built on the principals of smart growth, workforce development, and entrepreneurship, 211 Main Street is a unique position to support the growing local economy and capitalize on its location right between Niagara Falls and Buffalo, NY. The property will serve as a business-to-business design collective and provide a collaborative work environment for emerging businesses seeking office space that is an outward reflection of neighborhood revitalization, unite the community, and ignite the redevelopment of the northwest gateway to North Tonawanda’s downtown district. This facility will provide space for larger conversations, community presentations, evening lectures, and special interest symposiums. Additionally, this project will create educational platform for collaboration with the local high school’s Architecture and Engineering Academy.

The Revival of North Tonawanda


Known as the “Lumber Capital of the World” from the mid-19th century through the 1970s, the City of North Tonawanda has a rich and storied history. Located between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, New York, The City was home to the largest port on the Great Lakes during the height of the Erie Canal trade and transportation surge of the 19th century.

Additionally, North Tonawanda was the birthplace of the Herschell-Spillman Company, North America's leading manufacturer of carousels for much of the 20th century. Herschell was able to attract other businesses to the area including North Tonawanda Barrel Organ Factory which would eventually become the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company, one of the largest musical instrument manufacturing plants in the world. Due to its location along the Canal, abundance of rich resources, and blue-collar charm, hundreds of manufacturing (and other) businesses have found success in North Tonawanda throughout the centuries.

What marvel of industry will define the 21st century? Will it be yours?


For the past 20 years significant reinvestment has been going into the North Tonawanda's downtown core. The MomeNTum Plan calls for the Main Street and Thomson Street areas to be redeveloped, moving from the area’s industrial past, to a newly created, Northern Gateway to the City of North Tonawanda. The adaptive reuse of 211 Main Street will play an important role in realizing the goals of the MomeNTum Plan.




211 Main Street
North Tonawanda, NY 14120


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